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Our Prices

Adhesives and Tapes

Adhesives for Forms Price £
Double Sided Tapes for Breast Forms £20.04 [Incl. VAT]
All-Purpose Price £
Staysput Roll-On Body Adhesive £7.99 [Incl. VAT]
Barrier Adhesives Price £
Divine Collection Stay Dry Sweat Barrier Spray [DCSTAY4] £18.00 [Incl. VAT]
Skin Tac Adhesive Wipes [MS407] £20.05 [Incl. VAT]
Cleavage Tape Price £
TRANSFORM Chest Tape for Cleavage [139-10-20] £16.03 [Incl. VAT]
BodyShape Tape £7.83 [Incl. VAT]
Nipple Adhesives Price £
NipStick False Nipple Adhesive [3 pairs] £5.03 [Incl. VAT]
RealBreast & Aphrodite Adhesives Price £
Hollisters Spray Adhesive & Remover [B-7730/B-201] £61.36 [Incl. VAT]

Attachable Nipples

AMOLUX Price £
AMOLUX Attachable Nipples [pair]
On Sale
£16.32 [Incl. VAT]
Reg£28.25 [Incl. VAT]
Divine Collection Price £
Divine Nipples [DCN] £60.00 [Incl. VAT]
Naughty Nipples Price £
Naughty Nipples [NN1] £14.16 [Incl. VAT]
Queen Nipples Price £
Queen Nipples [17-619] £28.32 [Incl. VAT]
Transform Nipples Price £
Transform Standard Attachable Nipples [17-609] £19.75 [Incl. VAT]

Bras for Breast Forms

Amoena Price £
Amoena LARA Molded Soft Cup Bra £35.40 [Incl. VAT]
NearlyMe Price £
NearlyMe Lace Bandeau Satin & Lace Bra [600] £30.16 [Incl. VAT]
Transform Price £
TRANSFORM See-Thru Bra [7100] £26.90 [Incl. VAT]

Breast Form Accessories

Bra Accessories Price £
Comfy Straps [0096] £14.02 [Incl. VAT]
Breast Form Washes Price £
AMOLUX Soft Brush [AL006]
On Sale
£4.02 [Incl. VAT]
Reg£4.50 [Incl. VAT]
Divine Collection 8 fl. oz. Breast Form Wash [DCWASH8] £10.80 [Incl. VAT]
Nipples Price £
Queen Nipples [17-619] £28.32 [Incl. VAT]
Naughty Nipples [NN1] £14.16 [Incl. VAT]

Breast Forms for Crossdressers

AMOLUX Price £
AMOLUX Diamond Self-Adhering Breast Forms [AL300] [pair]
On Sale
£195.00 [Incl. VAT]
Reg£214.80 [Incl. VAT]
AMOLUX Ruby Attachable Breast Forms [AL100] [pair]
On Sale
£129.00 [Incl. VAT]
Reg£140.40 [Incl. VAT]
Breast enhancers Price £
Secret Shapes Perky Nipple Breast Form Enhancers [170200] £42.48 [Incl. VAT]
Secret Shapes Sleek Breast Form Enhancers [170200] £39.39 [Incl. VAT]
Clear Breast Enhancers [20-390-0] [pair] £29.16 [Incl. VAT]
Divine Collection Price £
Divine Collection Venus Self-Adhering Breast Enhancers [VENUS] [pair] £120.00 [Incl. VAT]
Divine Collection Aphrodite Self-Adhering Breast Forms [pair]
On Sale
£435.00 [Incl. VAT]
Reg£498.00 [Incl. VAT]
Gold Seal Price £
Gold Seal Naked Silicone Breastplate [GSN-A233-3]
On Sale
£570.00 [Incl. VAT]
Reg£630.00 [Incl. VAT]
Gold Seal Triangle Attachable Breast Forms [pair] + V24 Tape Kit £167.09 [Incl. VAT]
Gold Seal Classic Attachable Breast Forms [pair] + V24 Tape Kit £172.75 [Incl. VAT]
Platinum Seal Price £
Platinum Seal Classic 1 Attachable Breast Forms [17017-01/12] [pair] £207.06 [Incl. VAT]
RealBreast Price £
Real Breast One Piece Breastplate [1RB] £1161.12 [Incl. VAT]
Real Breasts Breast Forms [pair]
On Sale
£835.44 [Incl. VAT]
Reg£984.12 [Incl. VAT]
Silver Seal Price £
Silver Seal Triangle Attachable Breast Forms [170020] [pair] + V24 Tape Kit
On Sale
£140.18 [Incl. VAT]
Reg£160.01 [Incl. VAT]
Sleep & Travel Price £
Deluxe Sleep & Travel Foam Breast Forms [19250] [pair] £49.26 [Incl. VAT]
Sleep & Travel Triangle Foam Breast Forms [17036] [pair] £39.21 [Incl. VAT]
Transform Price £
TRANSFORM SuperSoft Classic 1 Breast Forms [pair] £148.68 [Incl. VAT]
Transform Natural Look Price £
TRANSFORM Natural Look Triangle Breast Forms [17320] [pair] £134.52 [Incl. VAT]
Transform Premier Price £
TRANSFORM Premier Classic Breast Forms [17700] [pair] £196.82 [Incl. VAT]

Health & Beauty

Hair Removal Price £
Moom Wax Strips [MEXL] £11.26 [Incl. VAT]

In Stock Wigs

Henry Margu Price £
Henry Margu SAVANNAH Shoulder Length Loose Waves Wig £81.42 [Incl. VAT]
Risque Price £
Risque REACTION Wig £76.70 [Incl. VAT]
Risque ANGEL Wig £76.70 [Incl. VAT]
Risque ESCAPE Wig £76.70 [Incl. VAT]
Risque BLISS Wig £76.70 [Incl. VAT]
Risque ETERNITY Wig £76.70 [Incl. VAT]

Makeup for Crossdressers

Beard Covers Price £
Mehron ColorBlend Makeup Stick for Beard Coverage £10.62 [Incl. VAT]
Heal & Conceal [1764/1777] £10.62 [Incl. VAT]
Blushes Price £
Blush Glow Powdered Blush [5729/5714] £11.78 [Incl. VAT]
In-Dispensable Glow [93-93]
On Sale
£7.50 [Incl. VAT]
Reg£12.30 [Incl. VAT]
Eye Makeup Price £
Luxurious Eye Shadow Quad [54] £10.97 [Incl. VAT]
Indelible Eyes Waterproof Automatic Eye Liner [4377/4277] £8.71 [Incl. VAT]
False Eye Lashes and AdGem Adhesive [Eyelashes-FULL] £9.56 [Incl. VAT]
Indelible Brow Eyebrow Pencil £0.00 [Incl. VAT]
Color Phase Eye Shadow [5529]
On Sale
£6.02 [Incl. VAT]
Reg£10.97 [Incl. VAT]
Mascara with Keratin [4208] £5.90 [Incl. VAT]
Eye Lashes with Diamonds [83-00] £10.62 [Incl. VAT]
Foundations Price £
Flawless Complexion Gel Liquid Foundation [0558] £10.62 [Incl. VAT]
Two-Way Powder Foundation [3765/3734] £14.16 [Incl. VAT]
Lip Color Price £
Indelible Line Automatic Waterproof Lip Liner [6077] £8.71 [Incl. VAT]
Moisturizing Creme and Pearl Lipsticks [6391/6491] £7.08 [Incl. VAT]
Make-up Brushes Price £
Blush Brush [71-69-04] £9.44 [Incl. VAT]
Eye Shadow Brush [71-69-19] £5.90 [Incl. VAT]
Make-up Kits Price £
Luscious Lips Kit [LLIPS] £11.33 [Incl. VAT]
Blushing Secrets Kit [BSECR] £17.70 [Incl. VAT]
Flawless Beauty Foundation Kit [FBEAU] £21.24 [Incl. VAT]
Glamourous Eyes Kit £36.11 [Incl. VAT]
'The Brow Bag' Natural Eyebrow Shaping Kit [1800] £13.45 [Incl. VAT]
Setters & Removers Price £
Eye Makeup Remover [1604] £10.62 [Incl. VAT]
Perfect Finish Setting Spray [8180] £7.08 [Incl. VAT]

Nylons & Hosiery

Pantyhose Price £
Secret Queen Size Pantyhose [5832] £4.94 [Incl. VAT]
Secret Silky Control Top Pantyhose [5836] £4.94 [Incl. VAT]
Thigh Highs Price £
Secret Silky Thigh Highs [5884] £11.33 [Incl. VAT]

Undergarments, Padded Panties & Waist Cinchers

Cinchers & Shapers Price £
TRANSFORM High Waist Panty [17210] £40.15 [Incl. VAT]
Divine Collection Price £
Divine Collection Jolie Attachable Silicone Thigh Pads [JOLIE]
On Sale
£354.00 [Incl. VAT]
Reg£414.00 [Incl. VAT]
Gaffs & Padded Panties Price £
Classic Gaff [GAFF-CLA] £17.86 [Incl. VAT]
TRANSFORM Padded Panty [17200] £42.48 [Incl. VAT]
Luxury Gaff with Anti-Bacterial Treatment [GAFF-LUX] £18.59 [Incl. VAT]
Underworks Padded Panty [514] £51.71 [Incl. VAT]
Classic Gaff [GAFF-CHN]
On Sale
£16.23 [Incl. VAT]
Reg£17.86 [Incl. VAT]
Divine Collection Selene Smoothing Gaff for Selene Vagina Gaff [GAFF-SEL] £34.80 [Incl. VAT]

Wig Care & Accessories

Mousses & Sprays Price £
Henry Margu 8 oz Mousse Spritz for Wigs £11.70 [Incl. VAT]
Henry Margu 8 oz Revitalizing Mist for Wigs £11.70 [Incl. VAT]
Shampoos & Conditioners Price £
Henry Margu 8 oz Shampoo for Wigs £11.70 [Incl. VAT]
Wig Liners Price £
Comfort Wig Cap £2.12 [Incl. VAT]

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