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Breast Forms for Crossdressers

We're sorry, these breast forms have been discontinued.

Many of our clients have purchased the Big Girls breast forms, told us how much they love them, then asked for bigger forms. We have finally found the ultimate in big forms. Super Girls in Size 20!


The forms weigh 3 ¾ pounds each, have a projection of about 5" and are 9" tall by 9" wide. They are very FULL breast forms, creating a big busted look to even very large girls. Depending on your chest size, these breast forms will add from 10" to 14" total chest measurement *(see Notes below).

The forms are made with a unique whipped silicone to keep the weight down, maintain the shape of the form while moving in a realistic way.

Excellent forms of the highest quality with a one year guarantee.

These breast forms are not manufactured with nipples but this price includes a pair of Naughty Nipples of your choice (shown above). You may wish to purchase other sizes to suit your mood and clothing.

Weight: 1lb, 13 oz each / 1.745kg
Width: 10” / 25cm
Height: 8 ¾ inches / 22cm
Projection: 5 ½ inches / 13.75 cm

Why we recommend our Super Girls breast forms
  • Add 10" to 14" (25-35cm) to your total chest measurement (See Notes)
  • Each form is 3¾ pounds of pure pleasure (1.75Kg)
  • Soft natural feel
  • Realistic bounce
  • Lots of cleavage
  • These very large, guaranteed, forms are only n/a [Incl. VAT]
  • Price includes a FREE pair of Naughty Nipples and NipStick
  • Super Girls are the answer to girls who want to go beyond big to HUGE
  • They are 9" wide, 9" tall with a full 5" of projection, adding an average of 10" to your total chest measurement
  • Projection can be enhanced by pushing in the outer edges of forms
  • The forms are 9" wide but soft enough to take the shape of your bra, important for girls with narrower chests
  • The unique silicone is soft and natural to the touch, but does not sag. This is a very important feature for very large forms
  • Made to the highest standards by one of the world's leading manufacturers
  • Full one year guarantee against manufacturing defects
Important Notes

These are very large forms, designed for girls who want to be very big. Girls who are smaller in the chest will have to squeeze the forms together to fit them on their chests. This creates even more projection and lots of cleavage.

The silicone used is a whipped silicone to keep the weight down and maintain the shape of the forms. They are very soft and have the definite bounce and sway of large breasts, but do not have the jiggle of Big Girl breast forms. In very large forms, too much jiggle can be uncomfortable and may make the forms difficult to keep in place.

*Total Chest Measurement will vary from person to person. A person with a very wide chest will probably add 14" inches of total chest measurement because she wears the forms further apart than agirl with a narrower chest.

Our goal is to make you beautiful. If the forms don't meet your expectations,we will exchange them or refund your money.

Never Sleep ON your Breast Forms-your weight may burst them!

Bra Sizing: These forms are very large, (see measurements above) and difficult to quote exactly which bra sizes they will fit. See approximate sizing chart below.

Bra Band Size
40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56
Cup Size
D Cup 20
DD Cup 20
E Cup 20
F Cup 20
G Cup 20
H Cup 20
I Cup 20
J Cup 20
K Cup 20

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