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TRANSFORM Chest Tape for Cleavage [139-10-20]

Finally! A simple and inexpensive way to create natural cleavage. They also help hold chest tissue in place before putting on breast forms.

Why we recommend our TRANSFROM Chest Tape
  • Only £16.03 [Incl. VAT] for Chest Tapes (three pairs/package)
  • These tapes are so much easier to use than other methods
  • Create as little or as much cleavage as you wish
  • You don't have to have a fleshy chest to create cleavage
  • Tapes fit smoothly against your body
  • Unlike other cleavage systems, there are no straps or bumpy inserts to hide
  • Easy to use and remove
  • Work very well with most breast forms
  • Comfortable - made from soft and breathable spun polyester
  • Will not bathe or sweat off
  • Removable without discomfort

These tapes work well for slimmer girls, but the more flesh you have on your chest the better they work. Bigger girls with lots of breast tissue may not have to use breast forms, but will be smaller than when using together with breast forms. These tapes are so simple to use. Apply one tape to chest, leaving the end of the tape, closest to the middle of your chest, free. When you have created just the right amount of cleavage, apply the end to your chest. Repeat for other side.

Purchase Item
Adhesives - TRANSFORM Chest Tape for Cleavage [139-10-20]
includes VAT

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