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Gold Seal Naked Breastplate

  • The very first breast forms that can be worn with push-up bras
  • No need to use messy glues for a braless look
  • The most jiggle and bounce imaginable
  • No revealing lines at the edge of your bra cup
  • Great for showing cleavage
  • Built-in erect nipples & areolae
  • Soft, stretchy silicone skin molds to your body
  • High quality silicone warms to your body

Transform yourself in moments with our Gold Seal Naked breastplate

You can create the look of lifelike, natural breasts with no obvious seams from your chin to your belly button with our beautiful Gold Seal Naked breastplate. The bouncy breast forms let you experience lots of movement, and have a naturally hanging shape when worn braless. Best of all, the flexible and stretchy design fits most body types and even can be worn with push-up bras!

SHOWN: Gold Seal NAKED Breastplate, worn with a push-up bra for maximum cleavage, and Gold Seal NAKED Vagina Panty
Why we love our Gold Seal Naked Silicone Breastplate
  • Tank top style design minimises seams from showing
  • Warms to your body for the most natural experience
  • No need for tapes or messy glues when going braless
  • Sloping shape gives an extremely natural appearance, but when paired with a push up bra, creates tons of cleavage!
  • Super stretchy design is easy to put on and wear
  • High neckline makes it easier to hide an adam's apple with less visible seams
  • Our most versatile breast forms for bras yet! Looks great with soft cup, underwire, push-up and demi cup bras
  • Erect, textured nipples & areolae complete the look
  • Ultra soft and jiggly design gives the most movement
  • Over 3.4kg (7 ½ lbs) of pure jiggly pleasure
  • Pair with our Gold Seal NAKED Vagina Panty for a sexy experience and full body transformation
  • Includes a FREE 59 mL (2 oz) bottle of Divine Collection Breast Form Wash

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Breast Forms - Gold Seal NAKED Silicone Breastplate [GSN-A233-3]
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Send us your e-mail and we will send you a message when our Gold Seal Naked Silicone Breastplate is back in stock! We promise we will never contact you other than to send you an e-mail when this item is back in stock. Or you can place your order today and be first in line to receive the item!

This product is proudly
made in Canada
Recommended for care of your Gold Seal breast forms

Clean and refresh your Gold Seal Naked breast forms with no residue left behind! Our Divine Collection Breast Form Wash is our favorite cleanser to gently cleanse and refresh your breastplate for re-use.

Simply remove any adhesive on the breast form and rinse the breast forms in lukewarm water. Then, lather a small amount of Divine Collection Breast Form Wash to gently cleanse and refresh. Rinse the breast forms and allow to air dry.

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Accessories - Divine Collection Breast Form Wash [237 mL] [DCWASH8]
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Returns and Exchanges

Our Gold Seal Naked silicone breastplate is something that is designed to sit very close to your skin, from your neck to your navel. Due to the intimate way our Gold Seal Naked breastplate hugs your body, when it is removed from being worn, dead skin cells and oils are also removed from various places on the body. We are therefore unable to accept returns or exchanges on Gold Seal Naked breastplates for hygienic reasons, and are final sale. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Breast Form Fitting Chart for Gold Seal Naked breastplate
Bra band size
32 34 36 38 40 42 44
Desired Cup Size A Cup Gold Seal
B Cup Gold Seal
C Cup Gold Seal
D Cup Gold Seal
DD Cup Gold Seal
E Cup Gold Seal
F Cup Gold Seal
G Cup

The silicone that is used to create our Gold Seal NAKED Silicone Breastplate is very stretchy, which allows this garment to stretch to fit multiple body sizes. For example, the waist of the Gold Seal Naked, when lying flat, measures 76.2 cm (30 in), but can stretch up to 137.2 cm (54 in).

Due to the width of the breasts, we find that our Gold Seal Naked breastplate looks best naked on clients who have a bra band of 42 or smaller.

If you regularly wear a 44 bra band or larger, we recommend wearing your Gold Seal Naked breastplate with a sexy bra or top for the best look possible. Of course, this is all up to you!

Due to the extremely stretchy nature of our Gold Seal Naked breastplate, we recommend this for anyone who has less than a natural C cup. Those with developed breasts may find it more comfortable to keep your own breast tissue in place by using a cleavage or binding tape like our BodyShape Tape beneath the breastplate.

Our Gold Seal Naked breastplate changes from a natural drape to a full, round and busty look based on the bra that you wear, and the cut of the bra. In our experience, we find that the breastplate can fill multiple bra sizes in each bra band. Experiment to find the best fit for your body, and what looks best for you.

Breast Form Measurement Chart for Gold Seal Naked breastplate

Arrow Measurement
1 Top of neck 13 to 26 in33 to 66 cm
2 Length of neck 2 in5.1 cm
3 Base of neck 14 in35.6 cm
4 Neck to shoulder 5 in12.7 cm
5 Shoulder to shoulder 14 ¾ in37.5 to 72 cm
6 Arm opening 14 to 28 in35.6 cm
7 Armpit to armpit 14 ½ in36.8 cm
8 Armpit to bottom 12 in30.5 cm
9 Natural waist 26 ½ in67.3 cm
10 Bottom 30 to 54 in76.2 to 137.2 cm
11 Width of breast at widest point 4 5/8 in11.7 cm
12 Height of breast at widest point 5 7/8 in14.9 cm
13 Thickness of breast 4 ½ in11.4 cm
14 Top to bottom, including neck 21 in53.3 cm
Total weight of breastplate 7 lb 11 oz3.49 kg
All measurements are taken with the breastplate laying on a flat surface and are approximate.

Thickness of nipple ¼ in0.6 cm
Width of nipple (side to side) 3/8 in1 cm
Height of nipple (top to bottom) 3/8 in1 cm
Thickness of areola 1 3/8 in3.5 cm
Width of areola (side to side) 1 3/8 in3.5 cm
Height of areola (top to bottom) 1/8 in0.3 cm
All measurements are approximate.

SHOWN: Gold Seal Naked breastplate with a push-up bra

SHOWN: Gold Seal Naked breastplate


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